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Winter is Here

November 1, 2017noelia

November 1 2017 – oh what a year this has been. Winter is here, both as we moved into colder and darker days but also as I a finally taking that leap of faith into the unknown. But without winter summer looses it lure, so I am actually looking forward to this one.

So I am officially switching to all English from now. Just released a new site theme, and I have to say it’s definitely my best to date. I have also kicked off my own business, Guinon Digital Consulting, and after 20 years as an employee it’s both scary and exciting, more the latter. Been fortunate enough to get assignments, both domestic and international, with the nicest clients imaginable.

A long lost life goal has been writing a novel, and I started scrapping down a few pages this summer. Have a title and storyline, and I believe it could be something different. Always loved writing, creating pictures in peoples minds. This new¬†endeavour that I am on has me set on completing it before winters end… So welcome winter, may you bring good fortunes, personal growth and frosty days by the fire.

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