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The Power of Creation

November 5, 2017noelia

There is something powerful of creation, whatever this may be. To take what you have and make something of your own – magic in it’s purest form. As I wrote earlier I have started writing a novel, and its more fulfilling than I expected to look at the pages I wrote. There are not many still, but they are coming to life and me with them. Digital savvy as I like to be I am trying out the Type & Tell interface, where you can easily write, publish and market your publication on your own. Really like the idea of being in control of your own work.

But it also requires determination, clear goals and free mind.  I try to set up minor targets to not loose track of the end result. And regardless if it’s a novel, a media plan or new e-commerce platform setting goals are what gets us where we want to be. I use the tool Wunderlist for both my personal and work-related tasks, even easier access as you can download it as an app.

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