Digital Nomads – Leading While Operating

November 8, 2017noelia
Blog post

As we transition into the digital era, our work roles changes gradually as well. We are able to become true digital nomads, work where ever in the world. Only requirement is a online access and a device able to connect. Easy enough right? And yes it does open up great opportunities, but I believe there are some pitfalls we need to look at and avoid.

These new digital roles often require both management, team leadership as well as being hands on. But I ask myself, can you lead and operate at the same time? It’s almost as if it’s expected since everything is digitally run we are supposed to take on more tasks and actually split two roles into one.

In my view the only profession where that should be a real requirement are medical surgeons. So how can we become digital surgeons – leading team members and running business objectives hands on.  Any suggestions?

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