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Observations from an airport

November 17, 2017noelia

Sitting at the airport in Nürnberg after a week in Germany on business. It’s Friday and I still have some hours until I can close the door to my home. Really enjoy working internationally though, as it gives you perspectives on different business cultures. And the German is different in many ways from the Swedish culture. The one I observed the most is the will to help your colleagues, regardless of the workload they may have themselves. Another is how everyone greets each other, where Swedes in general look down when you pass them. Why is this? As digital as we are in the Nordics I cannot help wondering if it doesn’t also set us back even further when it comes to human interaction?

I always enjoy airports, they are little hubs of the world, people passing by to all the corners of the world. I like to guess where they are going, who they are – and here in Nürnberg it seems most travelers are here for some kind of business purpose. The surroundings of this town are just amazing, Bavaria in general seems to be taken right out of a Disney movie. But home is always home, and after a week in a hotel room sleeping in your home bed beats almost everything. Have a good one!

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