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Chapter One Completed…

November 26, 2017noelia

3 880 words and 22 056 characters, the amount that my first chapter in my very first novel contains of. Just words put together into 16 pages, but the power of them makes everything. Not just the story itself but the significance they have to me. I have always loved writing, and known I have stories to tell and share. But for some reason I have never taken the time to write them down. Too tired, too focused on a carrier and too eager to fit in I lost track of time and self. I have always been an odd one, thinking of others before myself. Often getting hurt in the process but moved on without reflecting. As I have taken the time to just press pause and listen I have learned so much of myself and what I need. And I need to write, to tell my story. Next JK Rowling in the making someone told me recently, and why not I say? Expecto Patronum!

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