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It’s the Season to be Jolly…

December 19, 2017noelia

Already Christmas this weekend, how fast time flies. Feels like we just ended summer, but boy has things changed since then. I honestly do not understand why I have not been freelancing before, especially since I work with digital marketing… yeeez. Anyhow, the freedom of it and being in charge of your own time has been exactly what the doctor ordered. And after spending some recovery time in the countryside it’s time to celebrate Christmas before jumping on the next leap of faith, and yes it’s even bigger. But what I have discovered is that once you let go and just go with the adventure everything works itself out as it should. Isn’t that crazy how society and it’s unspoken rules holds you back? 

The book is progressing, and I like where it’s going. But mixing fiction with parts of non-fiction is not the easiest for a beginner like myself, but hey if ‘m doing this why not go all in. Feel like I’m rambling now, so I leave you in with my best wishes for the Holidays – I hope they be merry!

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