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Exploring the Jungle of Social Media

December 26, 2017noelia

Ads, posts, dynamic content, influencers – social media marketing continues to be the a major part of the digital media mix. And rightly so as it provides many levels of communication, targeted, tracked and still with both impact and reach. But many also think it’s as easy as simply placing an ad on Facebook and the sales and engagement will come. Surely activation on the social channels are¬†necessary, but before pressing the publish button there are some things you need to make sure you have covered.

  • KPIs or goals
  • Target group & Audiences
  • Market
  • Budget
  • Timeframe
  • Assets – images/copy or video

All the above may seem obvious, but I have encountered many cases where it’s not. Too often a random post is published without proper targeting or communication goals for that matter. In all digital marketing activation I use a logic I call BASE – SCALE – GROW, meaning simply to start small to build up knowledge and then boost once you have the numbers to back it up. You don’t bet all your money on just one horse on the tracks right? Social Media probably more than any other digital media is all about trial and error to find that golden formula to success.

So does this theory work? My last social media activation had an ROI of x72, so my short answer is:

Do it right, be patient and then heck yes!

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