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Thoughts of the New Year and Beyond

January 7, 2018noelia

So 2017 has left us, and let’s be honest it was a bumpy one. But as with everything with the bad comes also good, and surely it has. Through chaos I was forced to find a path to take forward, and finally I can say I feel like myself again. I feel free and in charge of my own destiny, something I haven’t felt in over a decade. 10 years is a long time folks, especially to be stuck in a hamster wheel called white collar work. The stress that I built up infected my essence and core, and changed me both in body and mind, and not to the better. And we all know what to do with spoiled fruit right?

Anyways, January I decided would be a sugar-free month to kick start the year and detox myself from this drug that it is. It’s only been seven days yet, but man there is sugar in everything! No wonder people feel like crap after stuffing themselves with this, and then adding on fat and carbs in other forms. But determined I navigate out of the sugar delta, hopefully finding open water in the next few days. January will also mean the start of a new adventure, more of that later, but something I’ve been thinking of since a youngster but never got myself around to do. Scary but hopefully worth it. Oh well, enough ramblings for now…

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