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Digitalization – One Strategy Fits All?

January 22, 2018noelia

As I have ventured more into digital strategy on an international level I have realized the challenge of locating a digital strategy that works is more dimensional than most think. Think of peeling an onion. You are ready to cook once the first shell is taken off, but it still contains of more inner layers resulting is only half achieved. And just as chopping up an onion to make an omelette, there may be some not pleasant surprises on its way there like teary eyes. Same thing goes for setting up a digital strategy, you need to peel to the first layer to get the overall global strategy but to get the omelette you need to chop it into local pieces to profit the end result. Makes sense?

Well most would say yes, but then actually do the opposite while continuing pursuing the local profits from global thinking. Often the brand thinks to highly of themselves based on how their home market works and a lot of errors that could easily have been avoided occur to a costly prize.

Local resources with knowledge and understanding of the market opportunities and challenges is therefore mandatory to roll out a successful go-to-market strategy. So where to look for this talent? Recruit in-house, through freelancers or agencies? And once you have the talent onboard, how flexible are you to modify according to its recommendations? So to go back to the initial question, no it doesn’t fit all but should be carefully customized for the needs the market requires. Once this has been set the fun starts venturing new territories!

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