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The Beginning is The End

May 29, 2018noelia

What a ride this year has been!

But just what I needed and only for the better. So last December I decided to actually do something with my life instead of simply excepting this is the best it will get. I cannot say how happy I am I had the courage to take a leap of faith and just see where life takes you.

It is scary to leave an old life behind, especially if you back up and leave everything as I did. New home, new people, new challenges – well you get where I am going. So how did I do this? Easy, I did a checklist where I listed the reasons why I needed to do this and yes the good weighed over the bad. Six month later I am happier, healthier and looking forward to a summer in a new city like I was born again. In some ways I guess I am…

So the only advice I have for all you that have dreams unfilled, just do it or you surely will regret it. We only have one life to live after all. Namaste. 

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