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The Importance of Branding

July 19, 2018noelia

Branding vs sales is always a hot topic for marketeers and sales forces. And not to mention management that wants results on their investments. So which one is more important, and can you really get one without the other.

The clear answers is no, at least that if you are looking at sustaining a successful, profitable business over time. So why is it so important to combine brand awareness with sales messaging? To find that golden formula called consumer loyalty, where a brand itself can trigger the conversions and even better engagement to attract new prospects. This applies to not just corporates but personal brands as well.

So why is this debate such a difficult one to solve, and there are several reason.

  • For one branding is much harder to track as sales, well and order is an order in any book right.
  • Also a successful brand activation can take years, which most management teams have no patience for jumping ship too soon.
  • Thirdly the brand awareness and it’s attraction is not just the result of marketing activities and campaigns – but everything you do. This involves site or store experience, order logistics, product quality and customer service. In fact I would go as far as saying, all these are in fact part of the branding plan.

During my assignments through the years I have experienced all the above and often in combination, often resulting in internal chaos instead of focusing on setting a long-term strategy that directs all on the goals forward. For branding is essentially communication as well, and the ones that master it own the game plan. And I would say that makes all the difference in the end. Wouldn’t you agree?

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