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Hire or Retire – Living in the new Gig Economy

October 12, 2018noelia

Since I started working as a freelancing consultant a whole new world has been exposed to me. I long dreamed of being on my own, but you surely get secure have a steady income and work place. But what I discovered is that the work environment is completely changing, and more and more as looking at the consulting scene to take charge of your own time, progress and talent.

Digital nomad is more common title where talent can travel within the digital landscape completely free from traditional infrastructure. I have to admit it took some time to get use to working on the go, only using your laptop and a number of tools/apps, but two years into it the freedom has clearly more benefits than disadvantage. But it’s definitely not for all, and I get constant comments on how I can get by or if I even have a “job”? Well you do need self-discipline , loads of it, and you need to plan your time and be active. It may sound like a dream being your own boss, but it’s also very stressful as you have no one to rely on apart from yourself.

Below are some of the tools I could not be without freelancing as a digital nomad:

  • Toggl – time reporting tool that allows you to track your time per project and client. Has both app and web versions and many connections to other services. The upgrade version also allows you to invoice.
  • Wunderlist – structure your work week into tasks in a very easy and efficient way. You can also set up connection to your email so you can send tasks directly.
  • Evernote – take notes extremely easy through devices. Well structure and options to share directly.
  • Asana – for larger projects I like to structure the workload to be efficient and transparent with the client or co-workers. Tracks progress and tasks can be shared or assigned to team members.
  • Slack – easy communication tool when you need easy access and want to avoid email overload.

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