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Gone Vegan for a Healthy Lifestyle & Enviroment

October 30, 2018noelia

I have made some major changes in my life since moving to Scotland, and one of the best is definitely switching to a vegan lifestyle. Mainly eating only plant-based foods, but also becoming more conscious in general in my consumption. For instance I bought my first pair of vegan “leather” boots from Dr Martens and it both felt better mentally but surprisingly they also fitted a lot better. The assortment in stores have really improved as well making it easier to cook vegan food with loads of variety, vegan isn’t just a bowl of veggies or a dull salad! The most obvious effects since switching is I have lost weight, clearer skin and less fatigue with improved sleep. Here one of my favorite breakfast bowls instead of regular yoghurt.

Avocado & Banana breakfast bowl

1 banana
1 ripe avocado
1 pinch of grounded cinnamon
1 pinch of Tahitian vanilla
1 dl almond milk

Slice banana and avocado and mix together with the rest of the ingredients with a blender. Serve directly and add favorite berries of nuts, mine are sunflower feeds and raspberries. Enjoy!


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